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About Us


About Us

This speech is my recital, I think it’s very vital 

 (Run DMC It’s Tricky)  


 is a music guru. Established in 2004, based in Gilroy and San Jose. We are engaged with music and love to collaborate with our guests. Blending creativity with the newest latest audio equipment, Wingman creates playlists that jams the dancefloor.  

“Back in the day I used to sport a sag”  

(Pharcyde Passing me By)  

Music was not an overnight passion but a seed that was planted early. I had a double deck stereo that could record cassettes. I would record a few words and construct sentences from different songs to create a story.   

What you goin’ do with all that junk?  All that junk inside your trunk! 

(Black Eyed Peas My Humps)  

Well in my trunk, I had vinyl and then CD’s and now I have Mp3s that fit in my nerd box.  

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard (Kelis  Milkshake)  

Well I’m hoping my milkshakes don’t bring anyone to the yard but I know what music will bring the folks to the dance floor. We are all about the experience .

About the Wingman himself:

Dj Wingman loves the event industry and posts his weekly writings. He keeps up with the latest event and music trends. 

Dj Wingman goes to the gym daily and trains for marathons.

Dj Wingman helps others who have dj questions or wedding questions. He actually has taught dj classes and loves to share his passion. 



At Wingman we focus on bridging the gap between club dj and the mobile dj experience. Whether you are a professional event coordinator or someone what is planning your own event for the first time, we know it can be overwhelming to choose entertainment for a special event and that is why we are committed to making the selection process a pleasant and stress-free experience for you. Our djs are well-versed professionals and take pride in their skills, their ability to read the crowd, and respond accordingly with their music selection and performance is second to none.

 Some genres of music we offer include but not limited to:

Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Top 40, House, Latin, Spanish, Motown, Oldies, Freestyle, and Old School

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Hello Wingmaniacs!

Keep up with Wingman events that provide Dj services in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and San Jose . We love the old school and love to share the passion of the classics. 

I am not afraid to put on MC Hammer with a touch of Gangnam Style. How about throwing in some Freestyle, a little Stevie B. with a pinch of Expose with the big hair. Remember Big Hair don't care!

90's Hip Hopping at your event. Some Montell Jordan with Notorious on your playlist with Bell Biv Devoe putting a little Poison in your playlist.


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